Basisschool Wilakkers

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of primary school The Wilakkers

De Wilakkers, because all kids be welcomed into an inspiring school of smart, motivated, curious, open-minded, and genuinely nice kids and teachers. Because this is a school that celebrates difference and prizes originality. Because your child can be its most honest, authentic, daring self.
Primary school De Wilakkers is located in the middle of the district of Stratum in Eindhoven. The educational methods and philosophies used in our school are based on good instruction, a safe and warm school environment an "the so called" Mediational Learning. Mediational learning is a teaching philosophy based on the principle that intelligence isn't fixed but rather modifiable and after good instruction most of the children should be capable of doing it theirselves but also explain to one and other. This benefits their capability of problem solving and self-regulation. The teacher on the other hand guides the children with direct feedback. We find it very important that all of the children's talents will flourish. The school welcomes all religions and will give children the possibility of attending their religious celebrations.
In our school, a so-called 'continuous schedule' is implemented where the children eat their lunches in the classroom together with their teacher and then are free to play outside for half an hour under our staff's supervision (weather permitting, of course). The primary school is a part of the SPIL-center, which groups educational institutions (preschool, primary education) with a children's daycare, Korein. This allows us to share spaces with the after-school day-care and provides parents with the convenience of a day-care in their neighbourhood.